April 30, 2019

Clearance Services

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Hello Services understands your problem & encourages you to hire its clearance services to remove all the waste & provide you with a healthy & clean environment.

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Clearance Services

Clearance Services in Greater London

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Clean Environment equals to a Healthy Environment

A clean environment isn’t possible, when there is a heap load of rubbish lying around your property. This rubbish can lead to many health hazards. Bacteria, insects, bugs & other dangerous organisms might make the rubbish its home & grow in there. If the rubbish isn’t disposed of soon, the infestations might start to cause serious health damage to you & the others living around you. When you hire our house clearance services near me, our cleaners will expertly & carefully remove all the wastage & save your health from being deteriorated.

Is it worth it?

When a house is recently built & still in its finishing or interior design phase, or going through a renovation (paint job, new wallpapers, change of tiles, new woodwork), or if there was a recent party or event at the house, there will be a lot of rubbish, waste & garbage. It isn’t easy for you to handle such a large size of waste all by yourself. It is the need of time to find & hire a professional house clearance service near me. If your house or office has just undergone through any such process; you’ll be more than pleased to hire our rubbish clearance services & get rid of all the wastage lying around.

Saves you from the exposure to chemical & other dangerous elements

There can be many sharp objects in the wastage, as well as many chemically induced materials in there. Handling them by yourself without proper safety techniques can expose you to many dangerous effects. You may injure yourself while removing the rubbish. Also, the chemical compounds can cause skin burns, irritation & rashes to your body. To save yourself & your loved ones from any such harm; you should hire our rubbish clearance services near me. Our cleaners are always equipped with the advanced cleaning equipment & always ensure the safety measure before starting their work. They ensure your safety & their own.

We are cost-efficient

There are some rubbish removal methods which you can use by yourself to remove the rubbish from your property. But there’s a catch. These methods & techniques can cause you a hefty amount of money. Also, they will cause you a lot of stress (both mentally & physically). You may not have the time to fall back upon those techniques. Hiring our professional & effective house clearance services ensures that your money is saved from getting wasted. Our expert cleaners always arrive with their own supplies & they won’t demand anything from you. You’ll just have to pay a very reasonable amount of money & our cleaners will prove to be more than worth it.

Time is of essence for you

Time is valuable. It’s an asset. No amount of money can equal the value of time. Especially, when you have a hectic schedule in life. You may not find enough time to spend in a tedious & painstakingly lengthy task like rubbish removal. It’ll just consume a lot of your time. To ensure that you only spend time where you want to, hire our clearance services & we’ll dispose of every last piece of rubbish & every last trace of dirt.

House Clearance Prices



  • 20 min loading



  • 35 min loading time



  • 45 min loading time



  • 60 min loading time

The prices are based on the VOLUME of the dispose and the WEIGHT of the waste for collection.

Our prices include: labor, loading, transport, disposal fees.



  • 100 kg Minimum





The prices are based on the WEIGHT of the waste for collection.

Our prices include: labor, loading, transport, disposal fees.

Area We Cover

Hello Services wont let you stress with the home services you need, whether its cleaning service or moving, plumbing or clearance, Hello Services professionals will take the stress away from you.

Hello Services Provides its high quality home services in all Greater London and surrounding areas. To make it easier, if your property is 15 miles outside of the M25 then you are covered.
We have listed some of the town we cover which are not part of Greater London.
  • Basingstoke
  • Guildford
  • High Wycombe
  • Woking
  • Gatwick
  • Crawley
  • Windsor
  • London
  • Croydon
  • Grays
  • Basildon
  • Harlow
  • Saint Albans
  • Watford
  • Slough
  • Reading
  • Luton
  • Horley
  • Maidenhead
  • Hamel Hampstead
  • Welwyn Garden City


Reschedule upcoming service jobs

You can change, the time and date of an upcoming scheduled jobs by contacting our office, you can do that by emailing our office at info@helloservices.co.uk. We do 12 hours notice to reschedule a booked job. If you change the time or date in less than 12 hours then additional charge will occur.

Cancelling Upcoming job.

You can cancel upcoming service job by contacting our office during our working hours or 24/7 on our live chat. You can also do that by emailing us at info@helloservices.co.uk then we will email you back with a cancellation notice.

How can I rate the service received?

You can leave your feedback about the service you have received by calling our office. We are always here to hear from customers. You may also leave your feedback on our Trustpilot Page Hello Services.

Do I need to pay before the service day?

You don’t have to pay prior the service day, You can make the payment on the service day. However if you prefer to make the payment in advance you can do that in certain ways which is described in question 5.

What are the methods of payment.

We accept varies payment methods which include:

  • Cash Payment,
  • Bank Transfer to our company’s bank account
  • Card Payment over the phone
  • You can also visit our website and make online booking.

What is the availability like?

We normally have availability for short notice jobs as well. However, we recommend you book 2 days in advance. Note: We can accommodate same day and emergency jobs too.

How do I get a receipt for the service I have received.

All our receipts and invoices are done electronically, so as soon as the job completed you will get a receipt to your email address.

What happens if something is damaged?

In an unlike event of damage to any possessions caused by us, we are insured up to £1,000,000.

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