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Oven Cleaning

Oven Cleaning Services Across London & UK

Our skilled professionals excel in deep cleaning ovens and a wide range of appliances, ensuring peak performance

Oven cleaning is the process of thoroughly removing accumulated grease, grime, and burnt food residues from ovens to maintain hygiene and optimal performance. It is necessary to prevent unpleasant odors, potential fire hazards, and reduced energy efficiency. Homeowners, renters, and commercial kitchen operators all benefit from regular oven cleaning. Our comprehensive oven cleaning service is available to customers throughout the UK, ensuring a clean and safe cooking environment for all.

Benefits of Oven Cleaning

  1. Healthier cooking: Regular oven cleaning eliminates harmful bacteria and fumes.
  2. Improved efficiency: Clean ovens heat up faster and cook more evenly.
  3. Longevity: Proper cleaning helps extend the lifespan of your oven.
  4. Saves time: Professionals clean ovens quickly and effectively, saving you time.
  5. Enhanced appearance: A clean oven looks new and improves the overall kitchen aesthetic.
  6. Increases property value: A well-maintained oven adds value to your home

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Oven Cleaning Process

  • Turn off and unplug the oven.
  • Remove oven racks and trays.
  • Apply oven cleaner to interior surfaces.
  • Soak oven racks and trays in cleaning solution.
  • Clean oven door and glass, removing any debris.
  • Scrub oven interior to remove grease and grime.
  • Wipe down and rinse oven racks and trays.
  • Clean oven control knobs and exterior surfaces.
  • Rinse and wipe down oven interior thoroughly.
  • Replace clean oven racks, trays, and knobs.
  • Plug in and turn on the oven to dry

Get your oven in sparkling condition.


One door only


Top and bottom doors


Side by side door


Side by side door


Cleaning of a BBQ and its accessories


Cleaning of a single oven, hob, extractor, washing machine, dishwasher, single fridge, and microwave


Cleaning of top and bottom doors oven, hob, extractor, washing machine, dishwasher, single fridge, and microwave

Reschedule upcoming service jobs

You can change the time and date of an upcoming scheduled job by contacting our office. You can email our office at [email protected]. We require a 12 hours notice to reschedule a booked job. If you change the time or date within 12 hours, then an additional charge will occur.

Canceling Upcoming job.

You can cancel upcoming service jobs by contacting our office during our working hours, or 24/7 on our live chat. You can also contact us by emailing [email protected], and we will email you back with a cancellation notice.

How can I rate the service received?

You can leave your feedback about the service you have received by calling our office. We are always here to hear from customers. You may also leave your feedback on our Trustpilot Page at Hello Services.

Do I need to pay before the service day?

You don’t have to pay prior to the service day. If you prefer to make the payment in advance, you can do that as described in the FAQ answer for payment methods.

What are the methods of payment.

We accept various payment methods, including:

  • Cash payments
  • Bank transfers to our company’s bank account
  • Card payments over the phone

You can also visit our website and make an online booking.

What is the availability like?

We have availability for short-notice jobs, but we recommend you book 2 days in advance. Note: We can accommodate some same-day and emergency jobs.

How do I get a receipt for the service I have received.

All our receipts and invoices are done electronically; as soon as the job is completed, you will get a receipt to your email address.

What happens if something is damaged?

In the unlikely event of damage caused by us, we are insured up to £1,000,000.